Zhonghong Pulin Medical Products Co.,Ltd.

Founded in November 2000, and guided by the principle of “seeking bigger, stronger and longer development”, Zhonghong Pulin Group Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of Xiamen ITG Holding Group Co., Ltd., has enjoyed sustained and rapid development in the recent 10 years with medical and food as its core business.

Zhonghong Pulin has received honors including “National Spark Export-oriented Enterprise”, “National Foreign-invested Enterprise with Double Excellence”, “AAA trading company”, and “First Batch National Exemplary Enterprise in Agriculture Products Processing”.

Its subsidiary Zhonghong Pulin Medical Products Co., Ltd., has the ability to produce 10 billion pairs of gloves annually from its 42 production lines of PVC gloves and 48 of nitrile which stands out in the industry. In food sector, the group has four broiler chicken providers: Zhonghong Sanrong Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Ershang Moqi Zhonghong Food Co., Ltd., Tangshan Pointer Pulin Food Co., LTD. and Tangshan Sanfa Pulin Feed Co., Ltd. The business chain integrates breeding, hatching, feeds production, contract raising or self-raising, slaughtering and deep processing, cooked food processing, export and domestic sales.

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