What ITG's corporate logo means

The logo consists of the English letter “H” and the Chinese character for “one” in a calligraphic style.

“Holding” means “holding the key”, implying the company's mission and position.

The Chinese character for “one” in a calligraphic style stands for the unity of the company as one which is devoted to excellence and the highest standard of professional conduct. It exudes a profound flavor of culture and philosophy and symbolizes ITG's corporate spirits and visions of “pressing ahead and hitting the target”.

“One” and “H” together form a sturdy upward structure and represent ITG's “one body with two wings” operating structure.

Red signifies soundness, passion and dignity, which define the enterprise.

Development Vision:
To become a top investment holding conglomerate.
To grow and mature in operation management, and to achieve excellence in growth and maturity.
Corporate Mission:
To discover value, create value, and deliver value.
Value determines existence. Value is omnipresent. What is needed is a different vision from the rest.
Value can be created. Make constant efforts to achieve continuous improvement, innovation and enhancement, and value lies right in the process.
Value must be delivered. To deliver value requires action but not only word, and extraordinary endeavors.
Core Values
Perseverance and Perfection.
Perseverance has a consolidating effect: Stick to the goal, focus on the present, and be down-t0-earth.
Perseverance has a motivating effect: Grow up with employees, share benefits with clients and achieve win-win results, and prosper and thrive with the community.
Perseverance has a unifying effect: Follow the rules, facilitate and expedite the happenings, and make concerted efforts to hit the target.
Notions of Corporate Culture:
Big stage, Big school, and Big family.
Big stage – Prospering our common cause
Big school – Building a rewarding and fulfilling career
Big family – Sharing the joys of team growth